Real Estate

Real Estate investment destination in Baku.

Real Estate and Property Investments

We are providing with our professionals the best investment opportunities in the real estate market for our clients. Those who are interested in real estate and property investments in Baku, will be ensured to successful Investments. We want to set up a compact relationship with the combination of the needs and requirements of our clients to plan some market strategies to achieve the goals in their investment.

Investment experts work harder to get suitable deals for properties since the demands have increased in the real estate property sector. The rising demands in Azerbaijan have created investment opportunities for the investors. We aim to ensure the right strategies and investment projects for our clients to get higher returns on their investments.

Our services will provide excellent real estate investments and profitable returns. As a strong network establishment through our investors, we have the intention to provide our clients the best possibilities to achieve their goals in their investments. Clients get satisfied with our networks that are able to follow the latest activities and projects in the market.

International Customers

We offer our clients who own properties in Baku and who are not based in Azerbaijan or who just do not have the time a peace of mind solution by managing their properties which are to be put up for rentals or due for renewals. We negotiate on behalf of the clients and do all the admin work with regards to preparation of contracts depositing of cheques, follow up etc.

Buying & Selling

Realtors is a full service real estate agency, offering services as both buyer's agents and seller's agents. We provide customers with buying and selling solutions. Our highly skilled team of brokers provides an efficient and professional service to all our clients. We take great care in understanding the needs and preferences of our clients and after thorough consultation with them we provide a carefully planned tailor made package that suits their preferences and lifestyle. 

Leasing & Rentals

We have a fantastic team of highly experienced and trained professionals who deal with leasing and management of the properties. Our immense understanding of the local real estate market and our expertise places us alongside some of the finest leading real estate companies in the world. Our clear understanding of the legal requirements and thorough knowledge of a very competitive real estate business enables us to work efficiently in consultation with our clients.

Property Management

Our focus is to optimize the results of your investment. The commitment of our Management and our team enable us to provide an efficient, trust worthy and professional service to all our clients. We provide an easy to understand projection of the returns on your investment that will enable you to make sound decisions based on the information provided to private investors or investment companies.