Prefabricated structure means finished product whose parts are prefabricated at the factory. These structures are currently used in developed countries of the world.

The following are examples of the basic advantages of such structures:

- Completion of construction in a short time
- Resistance
- Less resources required for production and construction compared to traditional structures
- Less waste compared to traditional construction
- Having high quality
- Having availability of reusable materials for other purposes in the future, etc.  

Economic indicators and expected results of the project:

It is designed for the factory of 3D prefabricated structures as a type of plant that produces prefabricated structures under the project. The main advantage of this type is most of the components that are important for construction are manufactured in the factory and then transported to the construction site for installation. In addition, when using this type of factory product, the construction process can be completed in a short time because of the preparation of the foundations in the construction field and the production of the structures in the factory according to a pre-prepared plan. 



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