Project name: Project Badamdar

Location: Badamdar settlement, Baku city
Project objectives and description: The project provides for development of business-class residential complex in Badamdar settlement, Sabail district of Baku. The complex will include 20-30 storey buildings, offering 4,920 flats and 2500 parking lots. The total gross area of flats is 405,900 m2. Total area of commercial premises is 45,100 m2. The company plans to sell all of the apartments, commercial areas and parking lots. The project targets high income residents in Baku. 
Project cost: 275.5 mln USD
Financing scheme: TBN
Implementation period: 4.7 years
Project payback period: 4.2 years
Documentation available (business plan, etc.): Construction documents
Company name: Akkord