Project summary
it is one of the first and rapidly developing paint companies of Azerbaijan. Polisan-Azerbaijan LLC has been operating since 2004. It pays special attention to the application of the latest german technologies, meeting consumer demand with high- quality products that are harmless to human health and the environment, and increasing the professionalism of personnel. AZS 034-98 and AZS 035-98 conformity certificates were registered in the state register by the oil-gas and petrochemical products certification body.

Polyester paint production enterprise, which will be built with modern equipment without any reinvestment in the fixed assets, is expected to operate approximately 10-50 years by category. According to the financial analysis, it was supposed that 20% taxes would be levied on the activity of the complex. The total investment amount, including costs for constructing a production system, the purchase of tangible assets, and the placement of equipment is calculated to be AZN 6,250,000. It is estimated that 64.5% of the investment amount will be financed by equity and 35.5% by debt.

The total cost of the investment project:
3.676.470 USD / 6.250.000 AZN