Initiator: “Mughan SES” OJSC
The legal form of the organization: OJSC
Ownership: Private ownership

Investment project overview
- Project concept: Modernization of hydro powerplant
- Project significance: Country importance
- Location and environmental setting: Imishly city
- Type of activity: Green energy
- The total cost of the investment project:
- 5.400.000 USD / 9.180.000 AZN

*USD to AZN exchange rate (1 USD = 1.7 AZN) is provided according to Azerbaijan Republic Central Bank’s for January 2023 

“Mughan SES” OJSC is one of the leading companies that produce ecologically clean electricity in the southern region of Azerbaijan is in Mazrali village of Imishli district. Mughan HPP was built on the Mughan water channel in 1962. The maximum operating power of the station is 4.5 MW. The station was in operation for a while and was privatized in 2004 and reopened after extensive renovations. Design works are currently underway to increase the station’s capacity. 

The total energy system of “Bahramtepe-Chingil” OJSC, “Imishli Demir-Beton” (Imishli Iron-Concrete) OJSC (Azerbaijan) is provided with the energy produced at Mughan HPP through a 6-kilowatt transformer yard belonging to the station. Annual production volume is 14-18 million kilowatt hours. The total investment amount, including costs for constructing a crucial service system, purchasing intangible assets, and equipment placement, is expected to be AZN 9,180,000. It is estimated that 56.7% of the investment amount will be financed by equity and 43.3% by debt.