Business Entity Initiator: “INVESTBAKU” LLC
- The legal form of the organization: Joint Venture
- Ownership: Entity ownership
- Investment project overview 
- Concept of the investment project: Installing of charging points for electric vehicles
- Project significance: Regional
- Location and environmental setting: Azerbaijan
- Type of activity: Energy
- The total cost of the investment project: 3.082.000 USD / 5.239.400 AZN

*USD to AZN exchange rate (1 USD = 1.7 AZN) is provided according to Azerbaijan Republic Central Bank’s for January 2023

In all sections of the service, it is planned to use cutting-edge technology equipment worth AZN 5,239,400. The project’s primary goal is to provide an energy supply for high-tech vehicles. Without any fixed asset reinvestment, the modernly equipped operation line is anticipated to provide services for seven years. Within the framework of the project, charging points for electric cars will be installed on the sides of the highways leading from Baku to the regions, and charging devices will be installed every 200 km in each direction.

The total investment amount, including costs for the construction of a crucial service system, the purchase of intangible assets, and equipment placement, is expected to be AZN 5,239,400. It is assumed that 56.7% of the investment amount will be financed by equity and 43.3% by debt. When the project is completed, there will be no environmental damage and will dump no toxic waste outside. Since the initiative organizes the power supply of electric vehicles, there is no hazardous waste disposal or liquid discharge into the environment.