Dear Professionals,

Bosco Conference is glad to invite you to attend our annual conference InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku 2019 on 10-11 june 2019, JW Marriott Hotel Absheron Baku 5*.

The conference program includes such issues as international investment, business immigration, international tax planning, wealth management and asset protection, building global business structures.

At InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku 2019 you will find a targeted audience of senior decision-makers from leading buy-side organizations in an environment carefully tailored for business. This will allow you to reach more people with less effort, to identify and connect with the right people more quickly and to reduce travel time and expense.

Why Azerbaijan?
Azerbaijan is the heart of the international transport corridor between Europe and Asia.

This country has the largest economy in Caspian region. Crucial parts of its economy are oil and gas sectors. Azerbaijan government continues implementation of major projects related to the construction of new drilling rigs, refineries.

Also, Azerbaijan continues to develop its market infrastructure, including legal, tax and banking framework and links to the international business community.

InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku 2019 - is...
Unique business communication platform
Sharing experience with key market players
New prospects and opportunities for business development
20 presentations by top companies
20+ exhibitors – big international banks and law firms
200+ delegates from 20+ countries at one time in one place

InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku 2019 offers
InvestPro Azerbaijan Baku 2019 has b2c format and successfully combines conference and exhibition. The Conference timetable allows you to meet more than 20 presentations and in comfortable atmosphere discuss the most relevant problems as well as to develop your business network during comfortable long lasting breaks during the sessions and evening cocktail.

Conference InvestPro Baku Azerbaijan 2019 language:
The Conference working languages are English and Russian* 
* The simultaneous translation of the speeches will be provided during the day.
Simultaneous translation equipment (receiver + headphones) will be given upon presentation of ID and business cards

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