Global Influencer Day is a global forum, which will be organized with the partnership of Keepface DMCC and FA International Trade Events. After the successful results of our last years event-the very First Global Influencer Day ever- WeAre Back Again! With greater ambitions, greater goals, and greater keynote speakers. 
Since2016, Influencer Marketing‘movement’, which came to our lives with Social Media Phenomena, has taken a serious place in the brands’ marketing budgets. 
Traditionally, brands bring in famous faces to their advertising campaigns. However, there is a fact known by all that these famous faces are getting a crazy amount of paychecks as a result of the agreement that they make with the companies. Indeed, the consumer is quite aware of this mutual interest relationship. Therefore, after a certain point, this situation is starting to seem insincere and unnatural to the consumer segment.
Who are the influencers really and what are they doing?
Take a moment and think of Kylie Jenner or Richard Branson... Digital Influencers are the people or groups, who have the power to influence and direct a particular community by sharing their experiences about a product or a service with their followers through making promotional and marketing activities via their social media and digital channels.
Ergo the concept of Influencer Marketing has been around for years. Yet when it comes to the modern age, the system has changed a bit. Today, the widespread use of the Internet and social networks has caused the emergence of a new Internet fame, that is, social media, which attracts traffic and controls the people’s minds.
Thus, with the joint ambition of the Keepface DMCC and FA International trade events, Global Influencer Day will take place on the 27-28th of October 2018 in the land of fire, Baku, Azerbaijan. Save the date and join us to gain the life-changing experience.