The International Astronautical Congress is an excellent platform that brings us all together, united in the face of global challenges and ready to explore the untapped potential of the space for the benefit of the humanity. 

In 2023, the global space community will convene in Baku at the International Astronautical Congress once again, exactly 50 years after Baku hosted the 24th edition of the IAC and became the first and the only city in the region to do so on 2-6 October, 2023. This, certainly, is a major occasion in the history of the space industry development in Azerbaijan, as it is one of the core priorities of our vision as a country aspiring to foster the formation of regional space ecosystem and strengthen its position as an emerging space nation.  

The IAC 2023 will attract more than 5000 participants to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Delving into the most recent developments in space, the guests and participants will also have a unique chance to experience the unmatched Azerbaijani hospitality and authentic culture.  

Become a part of this remarkable event and join us in the celebration of space in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2023!