Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan initiated a regional platform, Caspian Innovation Conference, to discuss the sectoral challenges and effective partnership opportunities between the stakeholders of innovation and high-tech sector.

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN -December 04, 2019

Caspian Innovation Conference is an annual feature event of the Bakutel International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies Exhibition, and year by year will cover different topics such as broadband connectivity, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, ICT based startups and innovative SMEs, 4th Industrial Revolution and knowledge-based manufacturing, cybersecurity readiness, etc.
Considering the vital role of the broadband infrastructure in the development of ICT services and solutions, and while many countries in Eurasia are land-locked or located away from existing broadband highways, the first year’s conference was organized under the theme “Digital Connectivity for Sustainable Development”.
Caspian Innovation Conference 2018 brought together government representatives, industry leaders, senior officials from the regulatory authorities and international organizations, as well as high-level management of the biggest telecom and satellite operators of the region to discuss solutions for reducing digital divide, review connectivity options for foreign investments and enabling significant business efficiency.
Caspian Innovation Conference 2019 will be organized under the theme “The Internet of Things: Cornerstone of Modern Society”.
The conference will be focused on IoT development models, as well as the legal and regulatory framework for the deployment and usage of IoT solutions in various sectors such as infrastructure, industry and agriculture.
Organizers of the Caspian Innovation Conference 2019 will gather representatives of governments, regulators, mobile operators, global vendors and international organizations for the discussions to be held during the plenary sessions of the event.