Name of Enterprise: “Sun Petrochemicals” MMC 

Type of Activity: Production of chemical reagents for drilling 
Organizational-legal form: Limited Liability Company 
Investment project: Establishment and commissioning of chemical reagents production facility 
Cost of investment project: 24 008 329.09 manat, as well as 16 805 830.37 manat loan 
The place of investment project: Baku city, Azerbaijan

Brief Information on project
The project will be realized in the field of land located in Garadagh. The main objective of the project is to produce chemical reagents that form raw materials for the oil and gas fields located in the Caspian Sea. There will be produced 10 chemical reagents within the project, which be directed for the meeting of domestic consumption in the local market. It is planned to implement the projects within 18 months starting from 2018: • Procurement of laboratory and other equipment, • Implementation of construction, installation and mounting works, • Infrastructure deployment, • Procurement of resources to start initial activities, During the implementation of the project, it is planned to install a total area of 70,000 m2 under the Garadag Metal Constructions Plant. During the implementation of the project will be created permanent workplace consisting of 60 person. The total cost of the project is 24 008 329.09 manats, of which 16 805 830.37 manats will be financed at the expense of bank loans and the rest of the funds will be at the expense of the project’s shareholders. 

Purpose of Investment project
The main purpose of this investment project is the absence of a chemical reagent production on the local market and the provision of the market entirely based on imported goods.