The Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMBDA) accepts projects from SMEs to attract investment in local projects. 


Investment projects should cover the non-oil sector's priorities, including the production of export-oriented and import-substituting, high-quality, competitive products, and the creation of new enterprises or the restructuring of existing enterprises and businesses using innovative tools. 


The projects submitted by SMEs will be evaluated by experts, the financial indicators of the projects corresponding to the priority areas will be analyzed for short and long term periods and financial models for those projects will be developed in a new form. 


The final ready to investment projects will be presented by KOBIA to interested investors.


SME entities wishing to  apply are asked to fill  in the application form and send it by June 3, 2022 (e-mail: ).   


If there is an additional question of the SME subject: (012) 511 05 11, Heydar Abishov.