One of the main directions of improving the quality and increasing the production of agricultural products is the provision of information and consulting services to farmers.


InvestBaku together with companies providing agricultural services, in the form of a consortium, has created an expert network consisting of crop and livestock specialists. The purpose of the network is to study the needs and problems of farmers, as well as to provide access to agricultural advisory services, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Thus, the established network provided consulting services to more than two thousand farmers in more than twenty districts of the Azerbaijan.


During the training, experts provided relevant services on the ground for eleven types of crops (buckwheat, corn, barley, wheat, potatoes, sunflower, vegetables, industrial crops, grapes, tea, nuts and olives), agrotechnical care, timely implementation of measures to combat diseases and pests, examination, treatment and prevention of seasonal diseases among animals, and answers were given to questions of interest to farmers.


Information about the created network will be disseminated by various means, providing support to farmers in finding professional specialists. At the same time, the network and information about specialists will be integrated into a number of portals and provide services in their field. Providing information and consulting services to farmers is one of the main directions that will ensure the development of agriculture through the introduction of innovative technologies.


This project was implemented with the support of the Agricultural Training Center of the Agency for Agricultural Services.