Azerbaijan grants residency to foreigner who invest at least AZN 100,000 ( USD 59,000 ) on Real Estate or deposit accounts in Azerbaijan Banks or AZN 500,000 ( USD 295,000 ) in Azerbaijan  economy, in accordance with the Azerbaijan Migration Code.

Investment may be made in monetary funds, interest, shares and other securities, movable and immovable property such as land, buildings and structures, equipment and other material values, rights of using land or other natural resources (including concessions), patents, licenses, know-how, experience and other intellectual values and other property or intellectual values or rights recognized by law.

Spouse, minor children and incapable dependents may apply for residency permit.

After 5 years of legal and uninterrupted residence, you may apply for naturalization, provided that you know the local language, Azerbaijan history fundamentals, and the general principles of law.

Azerbaijan does not recognize dual citizenship.

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