President Ilham Aliyev signed a Decree on measures to protect the public health in the Republic of Azerbaijan and strengthen the counter measures against the coronavirus infection.

The Coronavirus Response Fund was established under the Decree.

The purpose of the Fund is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection in the Republic of Azerbaijan and provide financial assistance to the counter measures.

Protecting the public health in the Republic of Azerbaijan, providing the population with medical care in accordance with international standards are one of the priorities of the country's socio-economic policy.The expansion in recent months of the geography of the spread of a novel coronavirus infection in the world dictates the need to strengthen appropriate preventive measures in order to curb the cases of infection with this disease in our country. The provision, for this purpose, by various segments of the population, including business entities, of support to these events and their manifestation of social solidarity, being one of the critical issues having a direct impact on the effectiveness of the work carried out, clearly testifies to the main factors reflecting corporate social responsibility,and state-citizen unity.