Azerbaijan is taking every chance to introduce its domestic products all over the world. With its “Made in Azerbaijan” brand production of construction materials, cosmetics, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fruit and vegetables, canned food, tea, as well as machine building, chemical and light industry, the country is going to reach the markets of EU, Persian Gulf, China, the CIS countries, Turkey and Russia.

Earlier, entrepreneurships of different scopes have been represented in various cities. This process has reached a number of countries, such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, China, Pakistan and others. And it is continuing to reach more destinations. An example of it is the first mission of this year to Russia.

Yusif Abdullayev, President of Azerbaijani Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO), sais that the country plans to organize 12 more export missions till the end of this year.

Noting that the trade mission has already been organized in Astrakhan, he said that the total number of the missions will reach 13 in 2018.

“Export missions will be organized to Switzerland, Mongolia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and two missions will be sent to Russia and China. Till the end of this year, Azerbaijan will also participate with a single stand at six international exhibitions,” said Abdullayev.

The President AZPROMO also mentioned that at the end of this month it is planned to open a trade house of Azerbaijan in Ukraine and next month in Latvia. Until the end of this year, the wine house of Azerbaijan will be opened in Shanghai, he added. The trade house will support promotion of Azerbaijani products under the ‘Made in Azerbaijan’ brand in Latvia, marketing research, participation in exhibitions and other activities related to the promotion of Azerbaijani goods.

Azerbaijan extends the geographical zone of its trade houses aiming to support the promotion of national goods worldwide. The Trade House will support promotion of Azerbaijani products under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand in several countries, marketing research, participation in exhibitions and other activities related to promotion of national goods.

The first Trade House of Azerbaijan was opened in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, in May 2017 to facilitate the export process, promote an export of competitive Azerbaijani production and enable the countries to expand trade operations. Today, alcoholic products, natural juices, jams, cosmetics and other products of Azerbaijan are displayed in the Trade House. 

The country plans to open its one more Trade House in Arkhangelsk region, Russia. The opening of the Trade House, which will be located in one of the historical buildings in Arkhangelsk, is expected to be a good driver for the development of economic and cultural-educational cooperation between Arkhangelsk and Azerbaijan.

Recent activities to expand the export of products produced in the country have accelerated and become a serious state policy.  

Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications reported that national companies exported non-oil products worth $356.4 million in 1Q18, which is 35 percent higher than in the same period of 2017.

In the list of the main importers of non-oil products from Azerbaijan in January-March 2018 the first place was taken by Russia ($98.7 million), followed by Turkey ($97.6 million), Switzerland ($33.8 million), Georgia ($31.8 million) and China ($11.9 million).